Available: Mon 9-3, Tues 9-3, Wed 9-3, Thurs 9-3

Available: Tues 3-9, Weds 3-9, Thurs 3-9, Fri 9-3, Sat 9-3 

Mauri Mckitrick LMT #8161.

Kelcy has been practicing massage since 2009, originally obtaining a Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork Certification from Kalamazoo Center for the Healing Arts in Michigan.  After moving to Oregon 5 years ago, she obtained licensure and has been practicing a variety of modalities including Craniosacral Therapy, Myofascial Release, and Deep Tissue Massage. She approaches each session with the intent of providing what each individual client is looking for and needing in that moment. My work has a fluid feel, along with a gentle approach, I feel clients are receptive to a deeper and a therapeutic session. When clients leave the table, they end up feeling refreshed, relaxed, and an overall increased level of comfort in their day to day lives.

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Mauri has been practicing massage for 15 years.  Each massage is custom tailored to your needs.  She practices a combination through flow of deep tissue, swedish, acupressure, marma (ayurvedic energy work), and trigger point.  She also has been trained in Pregnancy and postnatal massage.  Most importantly the massage session is all about you, whether you want deep or light pressure or somewhere in between.  By listening to your needs the intuition and flow of her hands will allow you to relax while simultaneously releasing muscle tension.  She absolutely loves what she does and feels it is a gift to share it with you. 

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Lisa Lotts, LMT #18966

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A veteran in the field of massage her work is a blend of Swedish, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point
and Muscle Sculpting.  Doing the dance of listening and allowing to achieve a new, restful and 
“repared”  feeling is one rubric for massage therapy and that is my goal for every session. 
Taking the goals of clients for their wellness and physical performance and aiding on the path of 
discovery.  If you are up for it, Leslie will grate your upper back muscles like a cheese grater, 
scrub the traps and rhomboids of your upper back like your ribs were a washboard and your 
muscles are dirty clothes. And if all your body desires a nurturing softer coaxing toward optimal 
resting tonicity she can do that too.  Every body is different and it is my intention to meet clients 
where they are at in their process of recovery or maintenance.

Kelcy Heerspink LMT ​#19102

Available: Mon 9:30-2:30, Tues 9:30-2:30, Thurs 3-8, Fri 9-2

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Leslie Christiansen LMT #8052

We live in a world full of constant stressors.  It is important to take the time to unwind, and to get back into a peaceful rhythm.  Olivia believes that massage therapy can help people relax their worries and stress, at least for a couple of hours, and reset their natural rhythms.  It will also help alleviate muscle tension and aches, which cause more stress on the mind over time.  

Olivia graduated from the Dee La Von School of Massage on the Oregon Coast, after training for a year at the Oregon School of Massage, here in Portland, Oregon.  She has over a half decade of experience working on clients in need of relaxation, swedish, deep tissue, and prenatal modalities.  She is currently studying Acupuncture at the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine. 
Please come in and treat yourself to a bodywork session that will help you feel renewed, relaxed, and rejuvenated.  Your body will thank you!

Olivia Kellar LMT #17162

​​Repare Massage

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Available: Tues 3-9, Weds 3-9

Available: Fri 3-9, Sat 1-6, Sun 12-6

Lisa's work is thorough.  She blends Deep Tissue, Swedish, Trigger Point to bring a resounding resolution of decreased tension, pain and dysfunction.  Her ability to listen to the body and follow the tension to transform to a restoration of ease and wellness and calm will have you proclaiming the enhancement that only a very terrific massage can.